Zomby “Where Were U In ’92?” LP

Amidst all the Record Store Day kerfuffle was a faint rumor of a long due vinyl pressing of Zomby’s debut album Where Were U In ’92? If you read regularly, then you know that we are huge Zomby fans, but neither of us were able to track this down. We were pretty chuffed to finally […]

Zomby “Nothing” 12″ EP

Zomby has got a new EP of tunes out, and it looks like this may be limited – so you might want to jump on a pre-order from bleep.com or redeyerecords.co.uk while you still can. Just a quick tip.

Zomby “Dedication” 2xLP

Here is another album that we should have told you about, never did, and then you found out about on your own anyway (hopefully). But just in case you were dying to know (of course you were) whether Dedication wins the highly-coveted OMGV seal of approval, well, yes it does. This 2xLP sounds like a […]

Actress “Paint, Straw and Bubbles” 12″ EP

I’ve got a real tender spot in my heart for Actress, and the only thing that could make this 12″ teaser for his new album more exciting for me is if he had, like, Zomby, do a remix or something. Oh look at that. He did. Two new tunes from Actress (listen to “Maze” below, […]

Martyn “Hear Me/Seventy Four” Zomby/Redshape Remix 12″

It’s been awhile since we had any new twelve inch tunes from Zomby, and it will be a while still, since this is just another remix. Just another remix is kind of selling it short though. It’s a remix of a Martyn tune, backed with another mix from one of my favorite producers of 2009 […]

Hyperdub “5.1” & “5.2” EPs now available

In case you couldn’t scrounge up the funds for that pre-order we posted about awhile back, we thought we would let you know that the first two installments of the Hyperdub 5th anniversary 12 inches are available currently. The tracklisting so far reads like a who’s who of the current left-field beat scene. Available at […]

Zomby – Digital Flora – 10″

Zomby. So hot right now. This guy is releasing more music than the universe can ever possibly contain. We’re obviously big fans here. The newest for the BrainMath label is a two track 10″. In case you didn’t know, two tracks from Zomby is like maybe 5 minutes of music. But if you care about […]

Zomby – Liquid Dancehall – 12″

Possibly in a move to take advantage of the recent spike in Zomby popularity radiating from his bakery fresh One Foot Ahead of the Other EP, Ramp has repressed the Liquid Dancehall 12″. I believe it’s been out of print for a little while, and both of these tunes are of the same high caliber […]

Zomby – One Foot Ahead Of The Other – 2×12″ EP

This week also comes with a new release from 8-bit overlord Zomby. More mad tunes spread across 4 sides of wax, more lazer-wielding mayhem from this fast rising dubstep superstar. It’s disappeared out of the Boomkat crates already but can currently be found at normanrecords.com and juno.co.uk. Bleep bloop. [Audio clip: view full post to […]

Zomby “Mush / Spliff Dub (Rustie Remix)” 12″

This record, which is (in my opinion of course) one of the best dubstep 12″s ever made, just came back in stock at Turntable Lab.  Giant rhythms with an awesome vocal sample on the b-side, this one will blow you away.  TTL has an amazing selection of records, so be careful how much you browse […]