Tape Tuesday: Ash Borer “Discography 09-11” 2xCS

UDPATE: Second press 2xCS up now at psychicviolence.bigcartel.com. Also a new t-shirt.

Ash Borer’s entire discography (up to this point) is now available on chrome high-resolution tape in one easy-to-order package thanks to Land Of Decay. This label has been releasing one essential cassette edition after another, but if you buy any tapes at all this year, make sure you buy this double cassette. We’ve gushed over this band plenty on these pages – there is none bleaker, none blacker, none more intense. The original 2009 demo has been remastered as well, so even if you already own all this material – there is incentive to purchase again. I would not expect this to last for long – $10 and 100 copies at landofdecay.bigcartel.com. GONE.


15 Responses to “Tape Tuesday: Ash Borer “Discography 09-11” 2xCS”

  1. Gone. Just snagged last copy.

  2. FUCK!

  3. I am sooooooooooo sick of missing out on their goddamn tapes.

  4. missed the second tape earlier this year, and thought, no big deal. the discog tape is coming… yeah, missed that too. ash borer LOVES to release tapes on the weeks I’m broke… at least the vinyl is still available.

  5. Psychic Violence has some up right now.

  6. Now sold out. I got me one though.

  7. got one last week from Gilead. whoot!

  8. Picked up a copy! So stoked to listen to it.

  9. Ash Borer is the Grouper of USBM.

  10. kinda bumped this doesnt include the tour rehersal demo

  11. Regardless, I pre-ordered the fuck out of it. This is the first Ash Borer thing I’ve owned!

  12. Can we admit yet that the land of decay version looked pretty shotty? Love the label, but those double wide cassette cases got to go. Art was kind of scattered too.

  13. ANyone still looking for 1st press can find it on discogs: http://www.discogs.com/sell/list?release_id=2910617&ev=rb

  14. Picked up the 2xCS (Psychic Violence) version at their show last night for $10, and the Ash Borer/Fell Voices Split LP for $12. Also got to chat with the Ash Borer dudes a bit seeing as their merch stand was right next to mine. Pretty awesome night all around

  15. Got mine in the mail yesterday, along with the s/t LP. One of my albums of the year, for sure. Looks beautiful as well.

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