“The Beyond: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” LP (Onsale Info)

UPDATE: This is available at forcedexposure.com bleep.com right now. It’s very likely that this won’t last long.

We’re super happy to be the first place to announce Mondo’s next LP, Fabio Frizzi’s stunning soundtrack for Lucio Fulci’s The Beyond. Considered one of the greatest horror soundtracks of the 80’s, Frizzi’s work here is bold, dynamic, and downright timeless. Imagine what it must’ve been like hearing this one 30+ years ago, especially as the backdrop to faces being melted by acid. Soundtracks of this magnitude don’t come around often, and many things since have seemed tame in comparison. A proper vinyl release is more than warranted. The 180 gram LP will be limited to 1500 copies (500 of which come on clear turquoise vinyl) and comes packaged in a beautiful gatefold jacket designed by Rob Jones. The audio has been remastered for vinyl by James Plotkin. The official street date is May 22nd, but the online release may come sooner. It’s best to follow Mondo on Twitter, and keep an eye on Mondotees.com.

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Full disclosure, one of the writers of OMGV is affiliated with Mondo.


26 Responses to ““The Beyond: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” LP (Onsale Info)”

  1. Pre-order is up now.

  2. Pre-order is up now.

  3. Less than 100 remaining.

  4. secured a copy!

  5. Scored a copy! Also, when will the DRIVE soundtrack come out?

  6. Any of these gonna hit distros?

  7. Got mine when there were less than 50 left. So..excited. Wish they would Re-issue Goblin’s Dawn of the Dead and Suspiria.

  8. And I just had to be on a plane when this went on sale… unable to score a copy.. 1500 sold that quickly? so bummed…. hope this hits distros.

  9. There must be some copies hitting distros. Otherwise, I don’t think
    I’ve ever seen anything sell this fast. Right?

  10. Good on ya Mondo! 1500 copies still sells out in record time. This time I was prepared. More Fabio Frizzi please!

  11. There are copies at Rough Trade…


  12. Do any US stores/sites have The Beyond for sale yet???? Pre orders???


  13. Al… thanks for the link. Also found a pre-order with Piccadilly Records.

    As for U.S. shops… I found a pre-order with Barnes and Noble (I’ve pre-ordered vinyl from them before- no worries).

    $20.74 plus a few for shipping… comes out to about $25 and some change!


  14. You can pre-order from Amazon for $18.80:


  15. So….has anyone received their copy yet?

  16. I got mine in the mail today. Scored one of the blue variants! They really do look and sound amazing. I can’t wait to give it a full spin.

  17. After almost a month, finally got mine in the mail today. I’m happy its the blue/color vinyl, not happy that there are two bends, one in the spine and one on the front right corner. I’d think twice about ordering from them again.

  18. Mine was slighty bent too, but I realize that that sometimes happens during shipping, so I’m not complaining. I also got the colored vinyl, which is awesome.

  19. Mine was bent and it was the black vinyl. These Mondo people don’t know how to ship vinyl.

  20. Ours was bent too… the outer tracks are near unplayable. Disappointing for sure. It was a blue.

  21. hurrrrr i’m here to bitch about the packaging durrrrr

  22. Mine arrived perfect. Thanks.

  23. Wasn’t a packaging issue on ours. We seemed to get one that was messed up in manufacturing. We contacted them and they are being pros at customer service for sure.

  24. Just placed an order on Amazon. Hope to get it fast. Thanks

  25. bleep is out of them

  26. I ordered from Rough Trade (probably paid a bit more) but shipping was fine to PA. It was a turquoise copy as well.

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