The Grapefruit Record Club

The brainchild of Simon Joyner and Ben Goldberg, The Grapefruit Record Club is an annual vinyl subscription series that, as of now, is looking awesome.  For $90 shipped in the US, you get records from Lambchop, Richard Youngs, L. Eugene Methe, and 200 Years (aka Ben Chasny aka Six Organs of Admittance).  If you don’t know by now, we’re huge Chasny fans, so we’re all over this.  You get four records total, one every three months, plus a hard-shelled box to hold them.  Everything will be vinyl-only and brand new material.  Visit


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  1. it’s actually $90 plus shipping ($15 domestic, $30 canada, $57 international)… they still sucked me in though!

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