The Insound Record Club (Plus New Records from Animal Collective, Boris, and Vampire Weekend)

This may be a lengthy post.  Insound just announced a new undertaking for them, the Insound Record Club.  Basically, members will be sent a random record every month, specially curated by the staff, and featuring the “most exciting new indie releases on the horizon”.  Six month memberships are $150, one year memberships are $275.  Oh, you also get a free Insound 20 t-shirt by Jason Munn.  Sign up at

Now, to some other notable releases that Insound has available.  As a followup to Merriweather Post Pavilion, Animal Collective will release a brand new EP, “Fall Be Kind”, loaded to the brim with five new studio tracks.  It drops in December, but you can preorder for $11.99 now at

Next up, Insound will be a good source stateside for the Boris “At Last – Feedbacker” reissue.  They should have it in stock later this month, and you can preorder now for $21.99 at

Lastly, they have launched a SUPER early preorder for the second Vampire Weekend album, “Contra”.  It should be interesting to see if these Ivy-Leaguers have any venom left in their sacks.  Drops in January, can be preordered for $16.99 at


4 Responses to “The Insound Record Club (Plus New Records from Animal Collective, Boris, and Vampire Weekend)”

  1. *&^%*%^$(^(#^(*(^!!!!! This is US only. I tried to order it anyway and it stopped me from being able to pay….

  2. Love the site, and from the wonderful state of Iowa (I think?) no less…one of my grad school friends tipped me off to this site. Great pics and links…I’ll definitely be back to check out.

    Sonny Amou.

  3. $25 a month!!! are they fucking crazy. i could probably order each record they offer for less on it’s own…and probably through insound…

  4. yeah, 150/6 is a bit steep. the yearly fee comes out to about 23/month. doesnt seem like much of a deal

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