The Two New Grouper Albums are Available at Little Axe Records

We’ll keep this one short. The two new Grouper albums, which disappeared instantly, are now available in short supply via Thrill Jockey and Forced Exposure. If you’ve been a fan of Liz Harris’ dark, dreamy drone in the past, you’ll love these too, they’re beautiful. They are priced at $18 at TJ and $19 at FE and can be grabbed HERE, HERE, and HERE.

UPDATE: HERE, then click “Distributed Titles”


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  1. Neurosis + both Grouper LPs….


    Nice time to be dickin around on the internet.

  2. fffffuuuuuccccckkkkkk yyyyyyeeeeeesssssss

  3. /wipes forehead

    Thought I wasnt gonna catch this after I saw they were sold out at Thrill Jockey… Thank god FE still had some 🙂

  4. Well, that didn’t last ling. Damn!

  5. I snagged both LPs from Forced Exposure earlier today. Very excited, these are the first Grouper albums I’ve managed to obtain on vinyl.

  6. All gone. Anybody know other outlets?

  7. If you live in or near Portland, Mississippi Records has about 10 copies of each on the shelf right now.

  8. Thanks, Stank. Wish I were nearby.

  9. they’re supposedly going to be repressed this summer.

  10. try weirdo or reckles records

  11. If I was a complete asshole, I’d buy all the copies MIssissippi has and eBay the shit out of them at a 150% markup, but then nobody else in PDX would be able to enjoy these records as much as I have while paying the price they were intended to be sold at. I hate that shit so much. People, stop being eBay trolls! It sucks!


  13. Thanks, Kyle, but they are now sold out there as well. Their site may not reflect this, but upon ordering, I was notified they are currently sold out.

    Hype: for the loss. 🙁

  14. Sometimes I really feel like an idiot when it comes to record buying. Forced Exposure didn’t get back to me regarding my order…. and of course they told me TODAY they were sold out. I saw both titles available 3x each one at Weirdo last night for $15 and when I looked back an hour later they were gone. Should have known. DURRRR.

  15. So Forced Exposure just emailed me saying that the Grouper LPs were already out of stock by the time I placed my order. They sold out so fast that they couldn’t change it on the website right away. I’m majorly bummed, but mark my words… SOMEDAY I WILL OWN A GROUPER LP.

  16. I am going to have an extra set, my brother bought one for me as well.

    Anyone who missed out email me at kplmmj at gmail dot com.

    If you live in Southern California that would make things easier.

  17. I gave them up to the first person who emailed me, wish I could have helped everyone out…

    And so there is no confusion, I sold them for the exact price that I paid.

    Thanks yall.

  18. I’m fortunate to live in Portland and own many Grouper records. But I would never become an ebay troll no matter how tempting….that shit’s just wrong. I’m still seeing the record around town though.

  19. Ordered from FE and the same thing happened to me as it did for ramitez666 and mogatu. Its a fucking shame… I just want to listen to some music 🙁 all the grouper lps get sold out instantly. Why not produce larger quantities? There obviously is a market for Grouper so why dont satisfy everyone who wants a copy, instead of making three represses of the same album… Fucking frustrating.

  20. Obviously late to this thread…and all copies are sold out. Please let me know if anyone spots any additional copies in stores. In NY, this has been impossible to find. Thanks for the help.

  21. tomentosa had them for what must have been an hour or so. not long enough for me to get one anyway… *sigh*

  22. inca ore split is there too! big ups dawg


    Fucking hate shady shit from record labels.

  24. Um I don’t think these guys are trying to be shady. This album is in high demand and they have some copies for sale, “repress” or not. Many people will be very happy to finally receive a copy of this. Settle down.

  25. eggy mailorder had them listed the other day –
    don’t know if there’s any left

  26. Yeah, Russ, what’s the problem with them being represses? You’re acting like they’re hawking bootlegged copies. I for one am thrilled to finally have some Grouper full lengths on vinyl.

  27. If you come across a Grouper album available for less than $20 you should probably go ahead and assume: repress. Personally, I think it is awesome that Liz is making an effort to self-release her music AND keep it in print, on top of touring and everything else she does. If you don’t have it, buy it. This is an amazing pair of LPs.

  28. The is no inherent problem with them being a repress. Labels DO KNOW however, that a lot of people collect records and especially appreciate 1st presses of albums that sold out quick. That being said, they should fully disclose when it is a repress. They mention that the inca ore one is a repress. What’s the problem with full disclosure?

  29. well, it’s pretty obvious it’s a repress. they’ve been sold out for a while now, and now they have a bunch in stock. obvious… besides, it was announced in spring that they would be repressed in the summer. i’ve been eagerly awaiting it since. just because you didn’t keep up with the news from the label doesn’t mean they’re trying to trick you. just buy the damn thing

  30. The label should just write 7 easy letters R E P R E S S or even the oft-understood and time saving 2 letters – R P. Sure it’s a buyer beware market but is this REALLY ASKING A LOT?!?!

    I don’t have time to buy the damn thing… I’m too busy doing RESEARCH!!

  31. I don’t see the problem here. It’s a repress, if you missed out on the records the first time around or don’t want to pay $40+ for a copy on discogs/ebay buy one now. Pretty simple. Why does the label have to state the obvious? Liz has clearly stated that a repress was coming late summer.

  32. Frank, you obviously missed the point(s) of the my last message.

    1. Not “obvious” – Why should the buyer need to spend time researching to find out if it was a repress or not? And even if one did do the research, the clues do not definitively tell if it is a repress or not. One would only be able to INFER but not know for sure if it was the repress.

    2. Not difficult – The word REPRESS or letters RP inform and save time “researching” that would not give a definitive answer anyways. It’s SO EASY to do… they managed to do it for Inca Ore… would it be so difficult to do it for the other represses? Or is it just more convenient to leave this info out?

    I have no problem with represses and getting the music out there BUT…

    Transparency and no surprises is always a good policy when dealing with the public. A lot of labels could learn a few things from the likes of Topshelf Records, Denovali and others.

  33. preview of forthcoming visitor (liz harris + ilyas ahmed) lp on socialmusicrecords here

  34. Looks like the repressed copies are indistinguishable from the first run. No “second pressing” scrawled on the insert like she did with _Dragging a Dead Deer_.

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