The Velvet Underground “The Quine Tapes” 6xLP Box Set

This Sundazed preorder has been floating around for a month or two already, but we haven’t covered it here, and we bet there are folks that want to know about it.  “The Quine Tapes” collects Robert Quine’s live recordings of The Velvet Underground from 1969.  They have been remastered, pressed to six virgin vinyl LPs, and beautifully packaged with three gatefold jackets, poster/handbill inserts, rare photos, and a deluxe box.  At $99.98, it’s pricey, but what isn’t these days?  Visit


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  1. I’m not sure that this one needed a deluxe vinyl reissue treatment. I just wonder what they managed to do with the remaster of a loosy sounding bootleg… I really wish they could find a great sounding gig of the Velvet Underground instead of this pointless cash grab.

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