The White Stripes “Elephant” UK 2xLP Reissue

Not sure how long this  version has been around, but it’s fairly recent, and this album had previously been out of print for a long while.  “Elephant”, the best album by The White Stripes (in my opinion, of course), is back in a brand new UK version with alternate artwork.  It’s a double slab of vinyl for $29.95.  They are supposedly limited.  There is also a new version of the self-titled album floating around, but it is already out of stock most places.  Visit


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  1. I’d avoid purchasing unless you really want this. I recently tried to cancel an order from auralexploits, which was due for shipping in february and still hadn’t shipped 2 months later, email at least 4 times asking, the first time the email was replied to completely ignoring my request, the remaining emails were just ignored. I tried emailing from different addresses in case it was an spam filter, but alas no just bad customer service.

    I sure as hell won’t be buying anything from them again, I’d suggest you really think about your purchase. I’d like to think it’s a one off, but I’ve found others suffering the same.

  2. I’ve heard some people talk about having problems with this guy when they’ve pre-ordered a record. As for me, I’ve never had a single issue and I have made several purchases at his web and ebay store over the years.

    Have you tried calling him? (310) 392-3839. Dude’s name is Steve, I believe.

  3. Unfortunately calling him would result in quite an international call charge, I live in the UK, I figured I could end up spending the same on the call that I’d be refunded by cancelling.

    I hadn’t had any problems with him before either, I’d bought quite a few albums of him, but I suppose he just doesn’t like to refund things. Ho hum, it’s a shame because they do nice exclusives.

  4. Aural exploits? its happen to me when I try to Preorder PJ Harvey, I think they cancel it, I want to exchange the LP or money return but they didn’t give me respond… and I email them everydaayyy… and guest what? After 5 month they respond my email and said they will have an answer by the end of this week…. think before you order it or is it too late to warn you? 😛

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