Third Man Records Presents: The Vault

If you are a hardcore Jack White fan, pay close attention.  Third Man Records just started a new subscription service called The Vault.  There are two different subscription levels.  For $7/month (three month minimum), you can be a premium member, granting you access to pre-sale tickets, videos, chat rooms, photos, etc for Third Man artists, plus The Raconteurs and The White Stripes.  For $20/month (again, three month minimum), you can get a platinum membership, which will get you everything above plus one 12″ record, one 7″ record, and one t-shirt every three months.  These releases will be available ONLY to platinum members.  They will only make as many records as there are members, and the records will not be sold in stores.  In other words, go spend $60, and if you don’t like what you get, make your money back (plus more) on eBay.  Visit


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  1. $60 is insanely expensive for a 7″, 12″ a a t-shirt. $240 for a year? What other sub series is that expensive? This is rotten.

  2. Let’s break this down:

    A reasonably priced shirt will run you about $20 at a show. An LP nowadays goes for $15. And a 7-inch single if it’s priced economically is $5. That brings you up to $40. Add in shipping, and you’re talking another $5-10, depending on how it’s sent (media mail vs. priority mail). Plus you get a bunch of online content, which if you are fanatical about this music/label, makes it worth it.

    The only thing that raised an eyebrow were the pay per view live concerts. To me, that should be a part of at least one of the packages. But otherwise, if you are a fan, this is a pretty reasonable deal.

  3. Perfectly reasonable prices, especially considering the aftermarket.

  4. i’ll get on the negative bandwagon and say this deal sucks, especially if you’re considering the aftermarket. I don’t know why one would, but for the sake of argument.

    It doesn’t say you’ll get White Stripes or Dead Weather or Racontuers vinyls each month, it says you’ll get third man records releases, and if jack white isn’t involved in the band(mostly likely case) the likely re-sale value is ppphhththfhthththtttt.

    I think it’s crazy to charge 240 dollars a year to be in a fanclub, but for me, Mr tuesday negative guy, it’s just more proof that the only purpose to Jack White’s existence is to hawk pricey “collector” items to overpaid people in their thirties so that they can still feel cool.

  5. Good points all. I think whether or not you like the price depends on how much you like this record label.

    I think I read that the “Platinum Subscription” also gets you an exclusive Mono LP version of “Icky Thump”. Thought I read that somewhere but can’t seem to locate my sources now.


    this confirms that statement i think. I guess i’m in, but i’m going to be grumpy about it until i receive my first shipment.

  7. Ok, it’s happy thursday. My thinking about this was all wrong, I should consider this a partial Rob Jones sub, which is more than reasonable at 240 a year for four shirts four vinyls, goodies, 7″s, and whatnot wonders.

  8. The set of Blue series vinyls went for $850 on ebay, all by unknown artists signed to Third man. So even if the vinyls aren’t dead weather/raconteurs/white stripes, they’re still going to be worth more than $60

  9. that had to be the colored vinyl edition right? that’s wild.

    last day to sign up for the vault is today, people.

  10. I feel the $60 for three months isn’t too much. An LP usually is $15-$20 if not more, and it sounds like you get one every 3 months, plus a 7 inch and a t shirt. I believe the vinyls aren’t things that people can just buy, and you can easily get your money back on ebay if there is an odd chance that you don’t like it. Sounds like a win/win to a Jack White fan any day.

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