Thou “Summit” LP

I was driving to work this very morning and literally asking myself when the hell this was going to come out on vinyl. Well The Man Downstairs must have been listening in, because lo and behold, I get to work and find out from our friends at HSS that this beast is ready to go. According to them, the analogue edition only includes the first four songs from the CD edition, so hopefully those other two tracks are going to pop up on wax at some point down the road. If you’ve never heard of Thou before (i.e. this is your first day reading this blog) then all you need to know is that they are the best band going right now. And this album KILLS. Order up – $12 at

UPDATE: Gilead Media now has some of these in their distro –

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  1. pretty sure i read somewhere that Voices in the Wilderness is going to be on the Pygmy Lush split.

  2. and screw SL and their overpriced shipping rates. someone else will have this eventually.

  3. I agree w/ Kane, there’s no reason to not offer media mail. the shipping and handling is nearly as much as the record. I’ll wait until other reasonable distros like halo of flies or gilead get this, which they will, they get all of Thou’s releases.

  4. I’ve almost never had a good experience shipping records Media Mail. It’s the worst possible option IMO, the post office will let the Media Mail bins sit and sit (likely with your records under hundreds of pounds of books and magazines) until all other bins are moved out, which at this time of year can take weeks.

  5. While I agree that media mail this time of year can be a little rough with wait time I have never had a problem with Media Mail vs any other USPS shipping option.I get several records in every week all year long and either way the record gets handled roughly. USPS seems to be getting worse and worse as time goes on. But the new Boris dvd is out as well so you should pick that up and maybe justify the shipping a little bit more.

  6. Screw the 9 to 10 dollar shipping on southern lord. I’m ordering from someone else for sure. Let me say I was disappointed Thou decided to release this on Southern Lord. Robotic Empire is a way cooler label.

  7. 20 copies on the way to Gilead Media now, should be here mid next week!!

  8. So I guess it’s /500 Clear Red and /??? 180gram White.

  9. Say what you will about Southern Lord’s mailorder and customer service (hint, it sucks!), the finished product is beautiful…I picked up the 180 gram red vinyl version yesterday at Amoeba, they do a better job with vinyl at a reasonable price than almost anyone else in the biz!

    SL’s Blue Collar Distro store has it up now, way better shipping prices and folks to deal with!

  10. Yes, Southern Lord is run by ten year old who have no customer service skills or concerns. Tney will ignore you for weeks. So, buy elsewhere!

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