Three New Releases from Not Not Fun

Not Not Fun continues to lead the weirdo/experimental/retro/synth scene with innovative releases. They’ve got three new ones up for order. The first is Xander Harris’ “Urban Gothic”, an LP chock-full of, as Dylan Ettinger put it on Twitter, “Unsolved Mysteries synth vibes”. Secondly, they’ve got a new cassette by Sand Circles, titled “Midnight Crimes”. Again, smoothed-out retro synth, straight out of your childhood memories. Lastly, and keeping with the theme, they’ve got a new 7″ from Matt Hill’s Umberto Project. Ditching the Giallo aesthetic temporarily, “Freeze!” instead powers through 80’s police movie grooves. As always, everything is super inexpensive and limited. Visit


2 Responses to “Three New Releases from Not Not Fun”

  1. Umm ok that Sand Circles song is fucking amazing

  2. Ordered the Umberto!

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