Thrill Jockey 12″ Subscription Series

Just when you thought you couldn’t possibly spend any more money on records today, along comes this sultry gem. Following in the trail blazed by such forward thinking companies as Domino’s and Subway, Thrill Jockey is now offering a seven-fold 12″ subscription series to mailorder customers only. So if you have not ordered from their mailorder before, and want a piece of this, you might have to put on a fake mustache or something before ordering. $84 gets you 84 inches of wax shipped to your door in seven different pieces and three separate shipments by several different bands. What type of bands are we talking about? I thought you’d never ask. Tortoise, Pit er Pat The Fiery Furnaces, Thank You, Pontiak, White Hills, Javelin and Mi Ami. Act like you want it or move along.

Disclaimer: Michael Phelps does not represent Thrill Jockey or any of the bands on their label. But he probably would if he wasn’t such a dooooosh.


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