Torch Runner “Locust Swarm” 10″

Communitas Records is a brand new label from one of the dudes behind Southern Empire, and their first release is going to shred your face off.  Torch Runner’s “Locust Swarm” alternates between breakneck hardcore and crushing, sludgy breakdown riffs.  If you’re into heavy music at all, you’re going to find something to like here.  Definitely recommended for fans of Converge, Trap Them, and about anything else Deathwish would put out.  The great-sounding 10″ record comes on black vinyl (edition of 319), maroon/black burst (edition of 109), and cream/black burst (edition of 109).  It also has a beautiful screenprinted jacket.  Hear some tunes at their MySpace, then pick it up for $12-15 at RevHQ, Interpunk, or


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  2. so far i only see it on rev

    although they usually denote when they have colored vinyl and they do not on the release page

  3. Interpunk –

    Indiemerch –

  4. is there any known way to get the record in europe without ordering it from the US and paying tons for shipping?

  5. I often have the same question about ordering records from Europe. Maybe somebody knows if an exotic distro will be picking up copies?

  6. Anyone who wants a Torch Runner records directly from me (I’ll charge exact shipping), send me an email to No European distros have them yet, and I don’t plan to ship any overseas anytime soon.

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