Tortoise “Standards” LP

So, since 2012 is the Year of the Dragon, Thrill Jockey is taking it upon themselves to repress damn near the entire Tortoise catalog on the vinyl format. Starting apparently, with Standards, the group’s standout album from 2001. The post-rock genre has bled out magnificently, but this band’s entire discography still sounds fresh and needless to say, completely relevant. I absolutely cannot wait for a new pressing of Millions Now Living Will Never Die, but in the meantime, if you do not own this album – then own it. Comes in a heavy-duty silscreened PVC bag just like the original. A magnificent release available once again through


5 Responses to “Tortoise “Standards” LP”

  1. My very first Tortoise cd back in the day. Will be glad to have this on vinyl and even more excited about the future reissues!

  2. $12.99 from us 🙂

  3. Doh! I could have saved $2.42. Nice reissue.

  4. Soooo SICK!!!

  5. This will be the third pressing of Standards. They reissued it a couple of years ago on red translucent vinyl as well. Since this will be back on black vinyl, I guess it will be difficult to discern this from the first pressing down the road (for those that care about these things). I’m assuming that due to the low pressing numbers (1000 each time) that they continue to use the original plates.

    It will be interesting to see what else gets the reissue treatment for the 20th Anniversary of TJ. I need a vinyl copy of The Sea and Cake Oui…

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