True Widow “Circumambulation” LP

Speaking of labels and unexpected signings, True Widow and Relapse doesn’t seem like the most intuitive of pairings and I’m unsure where the group’s brand of droney, stoney rock n’ roll fits into the “point, click, grind” mentality. We’re being facetious of course. Down with impotent genre tags and narrow-minded music listening. This is going to be a great fucking album, much as their last was, and it’s great to see it find a home at Relapse. There is a limited edition of 300 on blue vinyl with letter-pressed art print that is current only available at

True Widow - Circumambulation LP


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  1. True Widow and Relapse does seem quite the odd pairing. I’ve always been pleased with my dealings with Relapse, so I think the partnership will work out nicely. Really excited for this one!

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