Turia – Dede Kondre LP / Iskandr – Heilig Land LP

There’s something going on in the Netherlands, and it would be worth swiveling your lens in that direction. Both Turia and Iskandr play long-form black metal that is both slightly psychedelic and fairly minimal. Dede Kondre was played and recorded live and the vinyl grooves do indeed exude that kind of wild energy; while Heilig Land seems to be a one-man creation (a player known only as “O” appears in credits for both albums). These have been imported for your convenience by the curators at Arcane Altar. The Turia LP, limited to 250, can be found at this link: arcanealtar.bigcartel.com.

And why would you not also pick up the Iskandr album? Limited to 500 at arcanealtar.bigcartel.com.



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