US Christmas “Eat the Low Dogs” 2xLP

I know some of you guys need something heavy to blow out that last Neon Indian post, so here it is.  Neurot band US Christmas have a new record out, and it’s good.  “Eat The Low Dogs” is a bluesy, sludgey, stoney piece of psychedelic rock that should please any respectable OMGVinyl reader.  These are nine songs that should be played at high volume, preferably in a residential area.  The standard vinyl release is a black 2xLP limited to 500 for $20.  There is also an ultra-limited edition (100 pieces) on blue/maroon haze vinyl with a different layout for $27.  Visit

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  1. great song on the preview. anyone know where to find this in mp3 format? either for purchase or whatever? cant see myself flipping over almost $50 for this but really dig the music.

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