Visitor (Elizabeth Harris aka Grouper & Ilyas Ahmed) 12″

This 12″ is a limited pressing made for Social Music’s Record & Tape Club. It is available here individually for $12. If your head didn’t just explode then you forgot to read the word Grouper in the post title. Must grip – (hint: click on Distributed Titles).


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  1. Thank you!

  2. thanks! this is why i visit daily.

  3. they refunded my payment : (

  4. me too 🙁

  5. ..and they refunded me as well 🙁

  6. Yikes. I thought it was odd that the title remained on the site so long. Oh well, looks like another highly sought after Grouper pressing… Experimedia had some but sold out in about 5 minutes.

  7. Refunded me too… And I got there quick!! 🙁

  8. i bought this on january 4th, and they refunded my payment on the 7th as well. bummer.

  9. Friends-

    I just purchased this record (and many others) through this subscription series.

    This is where this record was originally meant to be sold, and there are still some available. Total cost is $95.

    Check it out.

  10. I would also suggest checking out your local music store. I got mine this past weekend for $14 at Academy Records in NYC.

    Two additional releases from social music worth checking out are:

    Ali Farka Toure – Ni Foli

    Abner Jay – Hambone/Rattle the Bones

  11. Which Academy location? and how many copies did they have?

  12. 12 between 1st and A location. It was the only copy I saw but they might have gotten more.

  13. thanks moogatu

  14. vinyljunkie, were you able to grab a copy?

    If not, I might be able to help you out.

  15. Hey moogatu,

    Still looking for a copy… talk to me.

  16. I had ordered a copy from Little Axe earlier in the week but assumed I didn’t get it when I saw the folks here getting refunded. So when I saw the copy at Academy I grabbed it. ….. I actually did just get the other copy in the mail this week too. You can have it for what it cost me ($16) if you’d like.

    if you’re interested hit me up at
    scroobiouskatz at g m a i l

  17. moogatu i sent you an email

  18. howdy all-

    i was at other music this weekend in new york, and they had a few copies of this record for $21.99. fyi.

  19. I actually just got back from Academy on 12th and A and there was one copy for $14. I have two already so I didn’t get it and it’s still there in the new arrivals bin.

  20. thanks moogatu! just picked up the last copy today. and other music was sold out

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