Western Standards “Space Is A Place” LP

After receiving a mysterious email last year, we featured a hyper-limited LP from an act called Western Standards.  The record went on to get some good praise, including a nice writeup at Boomkat.  Well, not even a year has passed and I got another email about a brand new WS release.  Still shrouded in the same mystery, “Space Is A Place” expands nicely the sound of their first album, and is, in a lot of ways, much better.  The songs seem more fleshed out, the production seems fuller, and everything flows cohesively.  Still present is the effortless fusion of desert drone and electronic music, pretty much split evenly (if you’re not into the first couple of electronic tracks, keep listening, the drones get epic in the second half).  This is once again limited to only 110 copies, comes with a CD-R, and costs $17 shipped (there are still a few copies of the first album too, but it’s almost sold out).  You will hear more about Western Standards, he/she/they will get bigger, stream this below and snatch it up before it’s scarce.  Visit WesternStandards.net.


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  1. Just wanted to mention that Energy Centre is officially SOLD OUT at the source, but copies are still available at Experimedia and soon at http://www.tomentosarecords.com. Preorders for Space is a Place are going fast as well.

    Thanks for the support, OMGV!

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