White Hills “S/T” LP

2012 UPDATE: This album has been repressed – thrilljockey.com.

Thrill Jockey has posted preorders for the MASSIVE new self-titled album by White Hills.  This one features a bit of everything:  space-rock, slow brooding psych jams, six-minute drone sessions, shredding guitars, quiet meditations, etc.  If you’ve liked anything about White Hills in the past, you’re going to find something to like here, they’re really at the top of their game.  The LP version features alternate artwork on a silver-foil embossed jacket.  It’s limited to only 1,000 copies, and will definitely be OOP before you know it.  It costs $15.  You can buy one at ThrillJockey.com.

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4 Responses to “White Hills “S/T” LP”

  1. packaging looks totally rad. far out.

  2. WOW!! Ordered.

  3. Looks like you’re going to want to pick up a copy of the CD as well, if you don’t already do that sort of thing. There are 3 tracks on the CD that aren’t on the vinyl and conversely there are 2 tracks on the vinyl not on the CD. Pretty bizarre, but more White Hills tunes is definitely a good thing.

  4. Holy crap! It looks like this went from pre-order to sold out in roughly two weeks…!

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