Wolves in the Throne Room “Demo 2005” LP

UPDATE: Pick it up at shop-hellsheadbangers.com.

If you’ve seen Wolves in the Throne Room out on tour, maybe you’ve noticed they have a new LP with them. This is a vinyl pressing of the group’s 2005 demo, a crucial piece from the timeline of one of black metal’s most divisive modern practitioners. If you won’t make it out for a show, then you can pick this up fromĀ van-records.de.


3 Responses to “Wolves in the Throne Room “Demo 2005” LP”

  1. Is anyone else having trouble purchasing this? I keep getting error messages that PayPal cannot be used.

  2. I just purchased it via PayPal with no issue

  3. Got mine in the mail safely. Decent packaging. But it sounds great. especially for a DEMO. I would have to say that the demo Version of “Queen of Borrowed Light”…its much more powerful than the Album version. I love it. Good purchase.

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