Wolves in the Throne Room – Live at Roadburn 2008

Señor Hernandez in Germany has just released this live archive of everyone’s favorite tree-hugging, transformative black-metalists: Wolves in the Throne Room live at the Roadburn Festival in 2008. You get a DVD and an LP on colored vinyl, and it looks like there are about 4 different versions available, with the first 100 featuring a “silk screen”. This is limited to 500 and not guaranteed to make it over to the States, so look sharp if you want a copy. €18 or €25 (w/ silkscreen) versions available at www.senorhernandez.com.


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  1. This news made my day. Hands down my favorite active live band.

  2. Hi Folks,

    thx for the post and support. only..
    Wolves in the throne rom – live at roadburn
    is released by roadburn records (division of burning world records) from Nijmegen Netherlands.
    same guys as senor hernandez…but different company.
    the first and second pressing are almost sold out.
    If ou don’t have a copy go to:

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