Wolvserpent and Aelter Cassette Tapes

If Wolvserpent’s Perigaea Demo wasn’t one of the best things you heard in 2012, then, well… you probably did not listen to it. We can now officially write it up since there is an analog format available: a cassette tape housed with a lovely, screen-printed card, no less. Blake and Brittany have been cranking out nothing but the highest quality funereal and drone-afflicted doom for quite some time now, first as Pussygutt and now as Wolvserpent, and the Perigaea Demo serves as their finest statement to date, as well as the precursor to their Relapse debut. You can also pick up cassette versions of Bloodseed, Wolvserpent’s 2010 album, and III, from Blake’s side-project Aelter. All come highly, highly recommended. Purchase from wolvserpent-store.weebly.com or 20buckspinshop.com.

Wolvserpent - Perigaea Demo

Wolvserpent - Bloodseed CS


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  1. So if Tape Tuesday weren’t bad enough, now you are littering the site with not only more tapes, but black metal tapes on a Thursday! Perhaps omgvinyl should start a different page called omgtapes OR omgblackmetal for those who care–I for one, sorry to say, am NOT one of them. Still hoping you’ll bring back the drone/indie/electro/techno/industrial/ambient VINYL content that caused me to bookmark this page in the first place years ago…

  2. re: scooter
    dude no fucking way; you are wrong. OMG vinyl is awesome, one of the most reliable sites I’ve come across in terms of recommending quality music, and in whatever way they want to people what is great should be fine with everyone who looks at the site regularly.

  3. […] looks like Wolvserpent’s Relapse debut will finally see the light of day. Perigaea (still available on tape) was one of the best demos to be released in the past year, so […]

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