Yob “The Illusion of Motion” & “The Unreal Never Lived” 2xLPs

Update: these are available once again from the brand new 20 Buck Spin store. Links updated below.

Late breaking weekday news for the doomed OMGV faithful. 20 Buck Spin is stocking these two LP issues of classic Yob vinyl, and while they certainly are not cheap (ahem… $35 $30 each), they most definitely are essential. These guys are possibly the greatest doom band of the last ten years, and these platters deserve multiple spins on any analogue setup. No idea if these will be restocked, pick it up now at 20buckspin.com.


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  1. “These guys are possibly the greatest doom band of the last ten years”

    i’d possibly agree with that.

  2. the price is not 20bs fault or any other US distro that carrys these 2 albums. its metal blade europe and their inability to work with any US distro.

  3. nah, 35$?! for that price you can import the 2XLP from europe with ease as private man!! 20BS is always expensive as fuck!

  4. I’d absolutely love that Unreal Never Lived vinyl, but I just can’t afford $35 right now. Sorry.

  5. Well, in any case, they’re no longer up on 20BS’s page. Sold out already, I guess.

  6. Thanks for the update! I was bummed out when I missed these the first time.

  7. Thanks for the update; glad to finally pick these up. Speaking of Yob vinyl, on a previous tour they were selling a “demo” LP but were out of it by the time they got to my town. Anyone have this and feel like posting a little detail as to what it actually is?

  8. David, the Yob Demo LP is on Ravens Eye Records and was pressed in 2008. Black vinyl, I think 180 gram. None of the tracks are on their other albums.
    Side A:
    Revolution (maybe my favorite Yob song)
    Side B:
    White Doom (live)

    Don’t know if it’s possible to get it anywhere… I think very few were made. I feel fortunate to have nabbed one!

  9. Thanks, Nigel…Looks like a worthy one to track down. I’ll keep an eye out for it.

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