Zombi Vinyl Reissues

We recently had the pleasure of seeing the Zombi duo opening for Goblin on tour, and these boys are the real deal. Vinyl has been hard to come by, but Relapse is fixing that by repressing “deluxe” editions of their three crucial albums. Peruse your options and get a power synth pre-order in for the new year over at relapse.com.

Zombi Reissues


2 Responses to “Zombi Vinyl Reissues”

  1. These are already shipping. I ordered Spirit Animal in early November expecting it to show up in 2014, but it was in my hands three days later.

  2. Me too. I ordered the vinyl bundle back in early November and was shocked when they arrived a week later. For some reason, they’re still listed as pre-orders online. They really make a beautiful set!

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